15 September 2011

Mushroom Season - Help Me Identify the Mushroom - Part 1

It is mushroom season. I can tell that by the HOURS I need to pass a path that normally takes 5 minutes. As those of you following me for a while now know, I live with my family in a forest by the sea. It goes by the fairy-tale name of The Pine Forest, and it sure does look like a scene of a fairy-tale regardless of season.

And we are now embarking on the most amazing seasons of all - autumn. It comes with powerful gusts of wind, still warm enough to walk around sleeveless. The wind brings clouds that shed their tears over us and then obediently let themselves be blown away to open the sky for the golden light of the sun, loosing its passion day after day.

But in the meantime mushrooms - those amazing fruits of autumn take advantage of the moment and populate the forest. There are whole colonies around every corner, under pines, huddled close to bushes and rocks, growing on the moss, along the paths and on the paths... it is magical!

The hours I've been spending lying on the ground to take a closer look/photo transfer me to the world of Thumbelina, Peter Rabbit and all forest fairies.

My problem is that I don't know mushrooms. None of them, except the cultivated Agaricus campestris that can be bought in any food store.

That is why I officially ask you, my readers, to help me identify the mushrooms I have photographed in the forest so far. I know that many of you know them, pick them, eat them, and even use them for dyeing fabrics! I believe this would be the only way for me to learn at least their names. Later on, I will attempt creating a Mushroom series, which will include your words and my photos - a kind of collective guest posting experience. Quite the collaboration and exactly what communities like ours are about! And since the works in my blog are shared under Creative Commons, you will be able to repost the series on your own blogs.

So, what do you say, are you in? 
Here is the first batch of photos.

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