17 January 2012

Banana Peels Against Acne

Do you remember when last spring I pronounced baking soda my greatest discovery of 2011? I know we are only just beginning with 2012 but I have a feeling I've made an even more revolutionary one! Banana peels!

I know they have long served their duty well and 90% of humanity has already slipped on at least one banana peel in their lifetime but they have another, more powerful ability that concerns our beauty.

Not only you can use bananas in a rejuvenating and moisturizing face mask, but you can keep just a small part of the peel to heal acne. 
Photo: Karl Faktor
What makes bananas priceless in the fight against acne is the potassium and the antioxidants housed within their peel. They have the ability to drastically reduce skin irritation, swelling and redness, as well as to diminish the visibility of scars.

So, right now you are just 5 steps away from an acne-free face:
  1. Eat a ripe banana (you know how beneficial they are for your overall health, don't you?)
  2. Cut a small piece of the peel (approximately 1,5 inch).
  3. Rub the inside of the peel gently over the irritated area. Rub for about 5 minutes or until the inside of the peel gets brown. Replace and throw away the banana peel once it is entirely brown.
  4. Clean the skin around with lukewarm water but let the banana dry out on the affected area to do its magic.
  5. Repeat at least 3 times a day.
Apply daily to visibly reduce your acne. You will be surprised by the fast and glorious results and the clear skin you will be awarded with just a few days later. In fact, you will see the first results just overnight. 

After we discovered banana peels at home we waved goodbye to all commercial anti-acne treatments.

Check out my field study and see the amazing results of banana peels on acne in just 4 days!

Did you enjoy the banana peel method?

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