20 September 2011

Mushroom Season - Help Me Identify the Mushroom - Part 2

It is mushroom season. I can tell that by the MUD on my clothes after I take the photo and get up from the ground. It is wet. It starts to get chilly in the mornings but still there is sun and still I can walk around pretending it is summer.

The pine forest I live in is still full of amazing fairy-tale like mushrooms and I still don't know their names.

That is why, for a second week in a row I officially ask you, my readers, to help me identify the mushrooms I have photographed in the forest. I know that many of you know them, pick them, eat them, and even use them for dyeing fabrics! I believe this would be the only way for me to learn at least their names. Later on, I will attempt creating a Mushroom series, which will include your words and my photos - a kind of collective guest posting experience. Quite the collaboration and exactly what communities like ours are about! And since the works in my blog are shared under Creative Commons, you will be able to repost the series on your own blogs.

Last week, when I showed you these mushrooms Meeling from The Hairy Peach shared the link to Rogers Mushrooms, an amazing online encyclopedia of mushrooms which I am excited to read and learn from ever since. Thank you, Meeling!

So, what do you say, will you try again?
Here is the second batch of photos.

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