15 May 2012

How to Treat Acne in 4 Days With the Help of Banana Peels

Do you remember my rave about using banana skin to heal acne? My teenage daughter recently came to the same feelings as well. Now we are like banana hunters at home and don't let anyone throw away peels without us approving.

What makes his my favorite method for fighting acne? The fact that the natural ingredients in the banana peels not only heal the acne in no time but also clear the blemish and leave absolutely no sign whatsoever.

To make my point clear, I did some field testing, so you can see for yourselves in case you are still having doubts about that natural method of healing acne and treating blemished skin.
In other words, here is how you can get rid of any visible signs of your pimples in just 4 days!

See? On the fourth day there are only slightly visible signs of what used to be. You can go on until they disappear entirely, as I like to do or let the sun do the rest of the job.

Did you enjoy the banana peel method?

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