18 September 2011

Weekend DIY: 5 Projects for Halloween

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Although there is more than a month to Halloween now is the time to start decorating and preparing! Here are 5 quick Halloween projects that will fill a rainy weekend with fun and color!

1. Candle holder goody glasses by Swirls of Serendipity
2. Countdown to Halloween by Small Fry & Co
3. Yo-Yo pumpkins by Happier Than a Pig in Mud
4. Candy corn wreath by Woman's Day
5. Dirt and worms never tasted so good by Lizard & Ladybug


  1. I'm loving all these Halloween crafts! The first picture is so cute. That would make a cute gift for anyone filled with anything from candies to jewerly or a candle.

  2. I'd like some dirt and worms please!:)) Must be fun to be in a Halloween celebrating culture, I never had the chance! - any sign of Halloween there Sonya?:)

  3. Indeed, Sher, they could make the perfect gift!

    Magda, not really. Halloween is only recently creeping in around here through Disney Channel, etc. :)

  4. I love all these projects!

  5. We make the "dirt cake" every Easter! Its sooooo good! Great Halloween idea too.

  6. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks so much for the shout out, hope folks enjoy the pumpkins:@)

  7. Happier Than a Pig in Mud, nice to have you stop by!

    Your pumpkins are simply great!