16 September 2011

The Week in Links and Photos

This week I was active not only on the green front, writing about how to save the planet with a click (it is so easy and exciting, you should try it!), but also thinking about the 3 major mistakes bloggers tend to make.

On September 17, Slow Food USA is holding the $5 challenge. They are asking each participant to pledge to share a fresh, healthy meal that costs $5 or less.

Across parts of Australia, reports have been pouring in of strange voices chattering high in the treetops - mysterious, non-sensical conversations in English.

With more and more people working from home, it is time to dust off a few trusty tricks for curbing electricity consumption without curbing productivity.

Last but not least, make sure to check out the list of 100 women bloggers you should be reading. Eco Etsy's very own Ecokaren is included in the top green bloggers!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wishing you a lovely weekend!!

  2. Thanks for the collection of links. You found lots of interesting posts.

    I love that picture.

    Everyday Inspired

  3. got distracted following links yesterday and forgot to thank you for them:)The English speaking birds left me amused and confused- what's next on their agenda I wonder?:))

    Magda ᵔᴥᵔ

  4. Haha, the escaped birds story is priceless! xD Good for the birds for escaping into the wild as well. ;)

    By the way, the photo at the beginning of this post is gorgeous; I assume you took it, right? I love it!

  5. Yes, Taylor, I took the photo. Such a sweet finch!

  6. That's so strange about the birds!! I can imagine it would be disconcerting to hear English coming from the tree tops. Also, that photo is lovely. :)

  7. I love your photos!! And the round up of all the exciting articles to read. So sweet of you to mention my little surprise of the week. :)

    Really loving your blog!