29 September 2011

Mushroom Season - Help Me Identify the Mushroom - Part 3

It is mushroom season. I can tell that by the YELLOW LEAVES that lend their golden glow to the background of my photos. The playful wind that brushed the grass is now adding autumn flare to my hair and I get up from the ground after another mushroom photo session with a tiara of leaves and needles.

The fresh air cannot keep the mushrooms alive anymore and with the end of September comes the end of Mushroom Season.

For a third week in a row I officially ask you, my readers, to help me identify the mushrooms I have photographed in the forest. I know that many of you know them, pick them, eat them, and even use them for dyeing fabrics! I believe this would be the only way for me to learn at least their names. Later on, I will attempt creating a Mushroom series, which will include your words and my photos - a kind of collective guest posting experience. Quite the collaboration and exactly what communities like ours are about! And since the works in my blog are shared under Creative Commons, you will be able to repost the series on your own blogs.

Here and here you can see the mushroom photos from the previous two weeks.

Are we going to play the game for the last time this season?
Here is the third batch of photos.

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