28 September 2011

Scandinavian Autumn - September in Norway

Although September in Norway is not as warm-colored as in Sweden, I can still enjoy the shy beginnings of Autumn. At the end of September I am quietly:

Walking on a thin yellow carpet of leaves;
listening to the rustle of swan feathers;
sitting on the top of the hill;
watching the boats hurrying back home at dusk;
closing my eyes to pretend it is still summer.

Today, the September walk in Scandinavia continues with photos I have taken in Southern Norway.

Taking note of the transformations in Nature as the seasons progress is one of the sides of living an ethical organic life. Getting to know what Nature has in store and peacefully coinciding with her rhythm nourishes respect and soothes our souls. With the seasons changes our mood; our inspiration takes leaps in different directions and we grow. Closer to Nature is closer to our own voice.

See how September looks in Sweden.

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