23 September 2011

The Week in Links and Photos

Our bunny on an autumn walk to enjoy the last remains of fresh green grass

This week, inspired by the advance of Autumn I wrote about the benefits of eating walnuts on Green Living ideas. Check it out, I am sure you will find something you didn't know about them!

Talking about healthy eating, here are 8 things you didn't know about whole foods.

For many years researchers have been aware of the link between climate change and outdoor air quality but here is proof that climate change affects the air indoors as well.

Here is some modern art with recycled products on display during Valencia Design Week 2011.

Thanks to NASA satellites we now have a clear view of the most polluted cities on Earth.


  1. As usual, I am grateful for all of the amazing info you gather for us Sonya....you are awesome:):)

  2. I am always happy to learn more about green living - thanks for sharing these links!

  3. Great links Sonya...loving some of those art projects!!! The flower baskets are my fave...now all I need is a balcony!!

    Happy Friday!

  4. my net works like... well, better said it doesn't:D but I did my homework;) walnuts yes, i use linseeds for omega3 acids, I miss Romanian walnuts, had none since I moved:(( another interesting thing: other plants won't grow around walnut trees. Loved the stylish recycled products too, that always gets me to dream:) about more and more recycling:)

  5. Thank you, ladies, for stopping by!

    Magda, how much linseed do you have a day? Or is it linseed oil? Apart from walnuts I take Omega-3 capsules.

  6. Aw, your bunny's so cute, Sonya!

    And those recycled items are fantastic. Don't you just love what some people can create from "junk"? :D

    PS Love your new profile pic! :)

  7. Oh, my! That bunny is the absolute cutest thing on earth. I almost couldn't even read the rest of the post because I was so distracted by the cuteness! :)

    I'm a little afraid to look at the most polluted cities on the planet. I'm sure DC is probably on the list somewhere. Yikes. But art with recycled products is very cool!

    Happy Friday! xo, Mary

  8. I too, was totally distracted by that sweetest little bunny! Also, I love whole foods--I lived without it in Utah and it was awful being away from it--veggies and ruits from local ppl, yummy buffet, awesome candy--I love that place.

  9. Aww, your bunny is adorable!!!

  10. Another week of great links! The art with recycled products, amazing.
    Everyday Inspired

  11. I love walnuts and keep them around all the time.
    Love your bunny photo!

  12. I wish everyone could see that climate change is a real problem and that it WILL affect today's generations. Too many people think, "I'll be dead before it matters!" and it makes me so angry.

    P.S. Your bunny is so sweet :) I have a bunny named Gus.