21 September 2011

Scandinavian Autumn - September in Sweden

Taking note of the transformations in Nature as the seasons progress is one of the sides of living an ethical organic life. Getting to know what Nature has in store and peacefully coinciding with her rhythm nourishes respect and soothes our souls. With the seasons changes our mood; our inspiration takes leaps in different directions and we grow. Closer to Nature is closer to our own voice.

Seeing the green turning into yellow;
listening to the birds singing along with the wind;
breathing in the smell of the sea weed;
touching the seashells and counting the grains of sand;
following the clouds and collecting their teardrops...

These are just about all pleasures in life that I need to positively charge my sensitivity and excitement.

Come, follow me on a September walk in Scandinavia. Today I start with photos I've taken in Sweden through the years.

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