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About Kanelstrand

Welcome, I’m Sonya Kanelstrand, the founder of the Kanelstrand blog. I'm a photographer, author and book reviewer. I blog about my experiments in natural healthy living while I travel through Europe. My academic background includes two graduate degrees — an MA in English Philology and an MA in Educational Management. In 2005 I left behind my successful career as a manager of a private school and set on the simplifying path.

I live a simple natural life with almost no TV but with a lot of radio and art. In my everyday cooking adventures and crafting I follow the rhythm of the seasons and I try to 

with my family in a pine forest by the North Sea. This is where my inspiration comes from. I like the close touch of nature, the colors of autumn and the smell of the sea. Contact me via email or hang out with me on Google+.

I started the Kanelstrand blog in 2010 to refine my outlook on simple living and to challenge myself to learn more about herbal remedies and healthy alternatives to beauty products.

If you are looking for ways to slow down, get in touch with nature, learn more about herbs and their effects on your body, you will have a great time on Kanelstrand.

The Kanelstrand blog was named one of the Top 100 Green Influencers for 2012 and is in the Top 100 Health Related Blogs to Follow in 2013


All of us are entitled to one simple right -- the right to freedom. Ironically we often chose to deny ourselves the right to freedom for the sake of elusive attractive conveniences. But getting back to a simple, slow and mindful life is our main step to regaining our freedom.

Our future as civilization depends on moral values. We need to shift our behaviors in a way that leads us to sustainability, independence and freedom and we can do so by identifying our priorities and live according to them.

With this blog I aim to inspire you for a slower, more natural life right where you are.
The strong and dynamic community of Kanelstrand readers and contributors will make the journey to your better self an unforgettable experience.

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If you are curious to know more about me, check out some of my interviews here, here and here, or spend a day with me. You can learn more about my philosophy of creating here or head on over to my latest feature and learn more about the mystic side of my work.

Along with my work on Kanelstrand: Simple Living Chronicles, I also write for various popular green sites. You can currently find me here.

Winner of the Norwegian Handmade Competition Håndlaga 2011.

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