11 May 2012

Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too

Do you remember Beth Terry's interview during the Simple Living Challenge in February? At the time I admitted that after spending a great deal of my life in blissful ignorance about plastic, there came a time when I started opening my eyes for the plastic problem. I read about the increased accumulation of microplastic debris in the oceans coming from the waste-water of washing machines. The polyester and acrylic particles from my own clothes were going straight into the bodies of sea animals and back to me in the fish I was eating. I read about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and the terrible effects human consumerism has on innocent animals.

But let me admit that ever since I stumbled upon Beth Terry's website My Plastic-Free Life her influence on my life has been immense. This lady with a vision is with me in every decision I take that has to do with plastic. Although I often think like many of you, that a single person cannot make a difference, I was inspired by her refusal to take "no" for an answer and fought for changing the routines in major companies. 

Photo via MyPlasticFreeLife.com

Beth Terry spent a year researching and writing her book: Plastic-Free: How I Kicked the Plastic Habit and How You Can Too. The first amazing fact about this book is that, staying true to her agenda, Beth had it printed with absolutely no plastic whatsoever. 

She did a great job balancing between inspiring stories, useful resources, and practical tips with information about the problems with plastic, the facts about recycling, the differences among bioplastics and the impacts of the various kinds, the truth about silicone, and why we can’t buy our way out of the mess that we are in.

In Beth Terry's own words:
What’s also exciting about the book is that it’s filled with tips from you, the plastic-free community. My hope is that this is a book you will want to share with your friends and family who may not read blogs or who may not have thought as much about these issues as you guys have.

But there is more! Don't think this is your average anti-plastic book. Beth Terry is walking the talk. She has teamed up with buyGreen.com to even ship the book plastic-free.  When you order it via buyGreen.com, the price will be a little higher than from the giants Amazon and Barnes & Noble, but you’ll know that you are not only guaranteed to get the book without plastic, but also that a higher percentage of the proceeds will come back to Beth and support her work.

And this is where I come in.

Look to the left sidebar - right under the Simple Living Pledge button you can see a link to pre-order Beth Terry's book. Yes, I wanted to be part of her amazing crusade for getting rid of plastic! Purchase Plastic-Free through the link on my left sidebar and I will get a small portion of the price that I will put to use and keep on researching and posting awesome information for you!

Read even more about how to start a plastic-free life on My Plastic-Free Life.