09 May 2012

Ink Yourself Giveaway

What if I told you that you already have all the tools you need to create a successful business brand?

You would be shocked, I know. You would list all weaknesses of your approach to handmade business. You will try to prove to me how much pointless effort and money you have invested in growing your business. But wait! Success is closer than you think! My amazingly inspiring friends and contributors to the Kanelstrand blog Genevieve and Shelly of Lightbox SF have a solution for you! It is called Ink Yourself: Using Story to Make a Bold Impression

By now you already know how much invaluable knowledge these fine ladies have shared with us about implementing social media strategies, as well as deliberate motivation and slow living. Now they have combined their efforts in designing a powerful 5-week e-course designed to help creative business owners shape their story and define their ideal customer. Successfully branding a small creative business is about telling a story that engages customers. 

The course begins on May 21st, and consists of 5 individual lessons sent out via two emails a week. To fully support their students and help to build a community the lovely ladies at LightboxSF will also have a members only forum for questions, sharing successes, and getting direct feedback and a group call.

They have intentionally kept the participant number low and only 20 business owners from around the world will have the honor to learn how to bring to light their unique story and create a faithful following.

In Genevieve's and Shelly's words:
We founded Lightbox SF with the intention to empower creative entrepreneurs to take over the world, or at least their little niche. The Ink Yourself e-course is just one of many ways we encourage, empower, and set our clients up for success.

Today I am proud to be able to offer one of you, my dear friends, the chance to win a spot in the Ink Yourself: Using Story to Make a Bold Impression course, which has a value of $250!

And when you win, I wish that you take each word of that precious course straight to your heart and your mind and put it to action right away. What keeps us from succeeding is us, let's finally grow up and go get the world!

Good luck!

This giveaway is open worldwide until Wednesday, May 16th.
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  1. I want to enter, but I don't tweet! Help!
    thanks so much...

  2. thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  3. Thanks so much for doing this ladies! I would SOOO love to win!! :)

  4. I'm not on Twitter either... I completed the rest (Facebook and following) - hope entering without doing the Twitter part isn't considered cheating =/

  5. I hope I entered this giveaway for an awesome opportunity to take this course, but I don't tweet either so I hope I am entered.

  6. Hope to win!

  7. congrats Laurie ..I know it will be wonderful!!