18 May 2012

Simple Snapshots: How to Create Unique Postcards

This post is written by contributing author Deborah Jean.

Have you noticed the high cost of printed greeting cards lately? Some of them can go for as much as $5.00 or more! If you enjoy taking photos there's a simpler, more frugal way to have that just right note-card on hand whatever the occasion. Why keep all of your wonderful images hidden away on your hard drive when you could be sharing them with your family, friends, business acquaintances or happy customers? 

Dandelion House Note-card Sampler

Creating your own photo cards is easy. All you need to get started is a stack of your favorite images! Card stock, envelopes and photo adhesive can be found at most craft stores.  If you aren't printing directly from your home computer you'll need to transfer your images to a memory stick which you can find at your nearby electronics store. 

Autumn Collection
Dandelion House by Deborah J. Bosworth 

Don't have a quality photo printer at home? 
You can still make your unique postcards.
  1. Simply take your memory stick/ digital photo storage card to any location that has a Kodak Picture Maker machine. 
  2. Upload your images to an online photo developing site like snap fish.
  3. Have them developed at a location near you.
Once you've gathered a pile of your favorite photos for special occasions, consider grouping them together in sets of 10 or 12 by subject and giving them as gifts! Encourage the writer in everyone you know by prompting them to send a hand written note more often! Some of my favorite categories are: 
  • beach
  • garden
  • family
  • the four seasons
  • chickens
  • lighthouses
  • boats
  • and picket fences.

While you are playing around with your photo collections here's an idea with a green twist for viewing special images that you want to see more often. 

Vintage Photo albums in great condition make wonderful photo-books! Here's a peak at one of ours!
Our Beach Album

A simple white frame around the image makes a nice contrast with the black background paper giving your image center stage! 

Photos by David Bosworth

I hope you'll be inspired to create your own one of a kind note cards in the future and don't forget to bring out some of your simple snapshots to enjoy and share more often. Also, make sure to display your images around the house. Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than personal photographs.

Photo by Deborah J. Bosworth

In the words of Ansel Adams, " You don't take a photograph, you make it "

All images in our BEACH ALBUM were taken by my sweet and talented husband! David Bosworth. Go here to see more BOZ SCENES! 

Deborah Jean writes from a little yellow house near the shores of Cape Cod Bay in America’s Hometown. It wasn’t her dream house in the beginning but the dandelions that grace her front lawn each year have taught Deb many important life lessons. She blogs about them from her homemaking blog aptly named Deborah Jean’s DANDELION HOUSE where she shares creative seeds for your homemaking hands, heart and soul. Deb's world is centered around her husband, two teens, their beloved Corgi Max and "her girls" - The Cottage Hens!   Stroll  her gardens (weeds and all) and enjoy fresh, wholesome, organic cooking from her kitchen.  She’s no stranger to making do, recycling and upcycling. She loves giving pieces of the past a new look and purpose!  Connect to Deb via pinterest and facebook.


  1. Great cards ideas! I love the idea of grouping them together and wrapping them up to give as gifts.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. Thank you Valerie! They do make a wonderful gift!