30 May 2012

The Power of Giving Away and How to Take Part

Have you noticed how the notion of time changes its meaning online. One year in virtual space is way more than 1 year of knowledge in real life.

Why am I talking about time? Because I realized how many posts on creating a successful blog I have published in the past year and have always deliberately omitted one topic - Giveaways. I've spent massive amounts of time researching online giveaways and have organized more than 30 very successful ones for less than a year. That makes one giveaway almost every week for a year. 

Giveaways are a great way to show you support the handmade movement. 
While they are not exactly traffic boosters, you can nurture a faithful giveaway-loving readership that can help you in spreading the word and increasing your blog's popularity. 

A great percent of bloggers abuse the giveaways they organize (and their sponsors) with entries that have mostly to do with the blogger's benefit and that is what makes the topic of giveaways a controversial one. 

But just like in life, there are two types of bloggers - the sensitive and insensitive ones. With time the sensitive ones tend to float to the surface and become really successful.  

Why haven't I posted a single advice about organizing giveaways so far? 
The reasons are many but most of them a result of my need to re-think the traditional approach to a giveaway not only from the point of view of the organizer but also from the point of view of the sponsor. 

So, I started writing about the power of giving away because I concentrate best while writing. Somewhere along the lines, I realized that this is going to be way too much for blog posting. And then, the idea came - I should write a book about giveaways! In this way both bloggers and sponsors who are interested will be able to have a guide close by when they need it. 

In other words, prepare for The Power of Giving Away, the ebook that will help not only the newbie but also the experienced online business owner and blogger. There will not only be advices and clever ways around common problems but also an extensive list of sites to submit your giveaways to gain even more exposure.

Now I need your help. You know how much I value your opinion as readers of this blog and supporters of the handmade idea. In the comments below ask me any question that you would like to see discussed in the book, so we can make it even more valuable together! You will be properly quoted and linked to on the pages of The Power of Giving Away, but more importantly, you will have participated in the shared cloud of peer information and self-education. Let's do this together!