05 May 2012

Weekend DIY: Repurposed Mason Jars

This week I continue with some more ideas about how to repurpose mason jars. We all have them at home and it is always a good idea to find another creative way of using them. And why not? They are sturdy and made of glass - eco-friendliness to the fullest.

Mason Jar Wine Glasses by reINVENTDesigns
An added bonus is that by not throwing them away or in the recycling bin you will save the fuel for shipping and the energy that will be used in the recycling factory.

So, let's get creatively eco-friendly!

Have you heard of the redneck wine glasses? I personally find the name hilarious and the idea more akin to a good old granny. With only a mason jar, a glass candle stick and some really good glue you can make your own wine glasses, just like this one from Love U Madly!

 I also found a great video tutorial, which will be useful, just to make sure everything you're doing is correct.

And I am curious to know what you think of these glasses. Are they too redneck for you?