24 May 2012

Seasons in Scandinavia: May in Norway

What will we do without May! All the colors possible spring up to life and dance under the sun in all its moods.  To tell you the truth though,  this May has been so cold that the lilacs are only now beginning to bloom. 2 days ago came the warm weather and for the first time in 10 months we could feel warm wind and stay outside wearing only tshirt. If you think that one has to be very patient in Norway, consider the fact that I live in the southern part of the country. I cannot imagine what it is way north but I wouldn't trade my beaches and the amazing scent of sea air combined with pines with anything less than that!

The birds started singing so loudly ever since the temperatures rose that I wake up in the morning by their songs. If that isn't magical what is?! I am happy and I would love to share my happiness with you. 

Here is how Norway looks in May, especially through my lens.

Now tell me, how have you been this May?