23 January 2012

The Kanelstrand Sponsors in January

Please welcome the January sponsors on Kanelstrand! They all have got some amazing eco goodies for you! Please, take a moment to get to know them, like them on etsy and go through their shops - almost all of them are having fabulous sales right now and you might get a good bargain on quality eco-friendly goods.

Do You Like My Hat?     shop | blog | facebook | twitter
Although I learned to knit very young around 5 or 6 years old, I did not become "a knitter" (someone passionate about the craft) until my mid thirties. About two years ago I discovered natural fibers and now knit with nothing else. These fibers can be expensive however and people may shy away from them. That is why I began my Etsy shop. I make accessories that use less yarn so they will be more affordable and more people will discover these fibers. My motto is "everyone deserves a little luxury".

Buying socially and environmentally responsible is also very important to me. On my search for natural fibers I discover wonderful companies, big and small, who are working hard to empower women. Any small thing we can do to reduce poverty and illness particularly for the children of the world is very important to me. People who produce natural fibers are also concerned with the environment, how to properly treat the animals, how to produce and dye wool with fewer or no chemicals, using plants to create yarns. These are the topics that I discuss on my blog.

I am at the very beginning of this experience, but would quit my day job today to devote myself to this full time!
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Barnwood4u     shop | facebook

Stay at home dad working with reclaimed wood, handcrafting heirloom quality home decor and furnishings. Never had a clue when I was younger that I would end up as a woodworker. Started part time 16 years ago and went full time April 2011.

Our shop creates unique earth friendly home decor ranging from simple wall shelves to entertainment centers. Pictures frames 8x10  up to 28x22, and a few even bigger. Each piece will have it's own unique character from it's previous use. Nail holes, knots,knot holes and imperfections are just a few of the characteristics our products have. 

Coupon code FALL2011 gives you 10% off your entire order.

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Fia Naturals     shop | blog | twitter | facebook

Welcome to the world of vibrant colors where glass, natural seeds and earthy stones are mixed together to give you a stunning unique handmade jewel full of love!

Women can be beautiful and respect the planet Earth by using all natural eco-friendly jewelry.

Most of my beads are from Africa. Add a beautiful eco-friendly African fabric gift-wrapping or jewelry pouch to your purchase!

Use coupon code ECOJEWELRY to get 10% off your entire order.

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Cherry Walls     shop | twitter | facebook

Veronica is a Seattle based designer, small business owner, wife and mom. My small company specializes in creating wall decals for contemporary interiors and baby nurseries. Our decals are only original, made here in the USA and we are proud to offer some of the best quality decals on the market. Hope you enjoy!

Coupon code 10CHERRY  gives you 10% off your entire order.

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Skyejuice     shop | blog | twitter | facebook

If you are looking for wedding or bridesmaid jewelry with a dash of colors, look no further. From pearl cluster bracelets to colorful gemstone earrings, I offer a wide variety of designs and colors for you to choose from that are suitable for any weddings and other occasions. Seriously, I have like over 100 pearl colors and can be mixed into a million different color combinations!

Wear something in color today and feel good about yourself. :) Use coupon code KANEL10 gives you 10% off your entire order!

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Belle Terre     shop | blog | twitter | facebook

Belle Terre use only organic oils in their natural handcrafted soaps, lip balms and related products. They also use minimal and recycled packaging, and commit 5% of our sales to charity. All of this means you can enjoy our products with peace of mind, knowing that not only are they great for you, but they are also helping to create a cleaner and healthier world for everyone.

With coupon code GIVEAWAY15 you get 15% off your entire order.

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The Hairy Peach     shop | blog | facebook

My name is Meeling and I'm a foodie. I love to cook but more importantly I love to eat! I come from a food background of Dutch influence with a little Indonesian thrown in for good measure. I love to try new foods and have had the opportunity to travel and experience some great local flavors.  Good food and wine are some of the best enjoyments in life. I hope you'll follow along with me as I share some of my food experiences with a little bit of life thrown in!  

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Evaelena     shop | blog | twitter | facebook

I am an artist who likes to make things and I am passionate about vintage. I sell a range of interesting vintage items that I consider has good design, fine craftsmanship or is amusing and unusual. I make jewelry out of vintage souvenir spoons and vintage pieces. No two are ever alike and I love the idea of wearing something about a sense of place that comes from another time.

With coupon code KANEL20 you get 20% off your entire order.

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Red or Gray Art     shop | blog | facebook

I am a redhead with a touch of gray hair .. my shop name! The pieces are gently created using repurposed stone . cloth . paper . wood offered to you from the earth, many pieces are one of a kind .. all are unique, which is the joy of handmade!

With coupon code REDORGRAY10 you get 10% off your entire order.

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Jezzy Belles     shop | twitter |

One of the most basic tenets of green living is reusing and recycling. Taking old things others have thrown out and have no use for anymore and giving them a second life. Jezzy Belle's is filled with gorgeous vintage goodies to help you do just that!

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Betsy & Bess     shop | twitter | facebook

Eco friendly purses, handbags, and accessories, made from repurposed, upcycled, and recycled materials, down to the zippers, buttons, and pockets. Nothing goes to waste!

With coupon code KANELSTRAND you get 10% off your entire order.

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HerbanLuxe     shop | twitter | facebook

Myra is the Chief Makeup Developer and owner of HerbanLuxe. She learned how to craft makeup while growing up in Puerto Rico with the guidance of her abuela who was an herbalist. She grew up in an environment where everything we needed could be gotten from the backyard, literally – including makeup. About 10 years ago it became a business. In 2007,  she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a finalist in her search for the next big idea.  In 2009 she sold her business AND NOW caters to her favorite group of people, savvy Etsy shoppers who appreciate all that goes into making anything handmade.

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Adrienne Audrey shop | blog | twitter | facebook

Adrienne Audrey Jewelry is a collection of handmade jewelry and accessories hand crafted by Adrienne in her home studio in Washington State. The colorful and feminine collection is inspired by nature, fairy tales and uses materials such as lace and beads.

When Adrienne is not working on new jewelry designs you can find her blogging over at Crafty Little Gnome where she shares fun projects for the home and garden. 

Coupon code KANEL20 will give you 20% off everything you buy in Adrienne Audrey jewelry shop.

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Hapee Monkee     shop | blog | twitter | facebook

This is a visual-candy store that offers glossy postcards and unique still life, landscape, food & travel photography. I hope it gives you and your home joy & happiness. The photos are perfect as gifts to friends & family or just for you because they invite you to 'come and see beauty in every day events'.

With coupon code BEHAPPEE2011 you get 10% off your entire order.  

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Thanks to all amazing Kanelstrand sponsors for another month of creative collaboration and generous discounts! All funds raised by the ads go back into spreading the word about handmade and green living, and promoting the Kanelstrand blog.      

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  1. I worked with Skyjuice and Belle Terre. I highly recommend them. Belle Terre's lip balm and shampoo are the best! :)