24 January 2012

Simple Weather Forecasting

Living a deliberate life deepens our connection to nature, making us prone to its intricate changes not only through the seasons but during a single day too. I was surprised to learn in a recent talk with an elderly couple living in a village (i.e. close to nature) that they knew next to nothing about reading nature's signs and forecasting weather. This made me wonder why I, the city kid knew that when sparrows bathe in the sand it means that it will rain. Or that when birds are flying low the pressure is low as well.

Apart from some basic cloud-watching and air-smelling skills though, I don't have much more to offer but I found a very rich infographic about how to forecast weather without gadgets that brings out an array of curious methods.

Two weeks ago we witnessed a crazy sunset in Southern Norway that made us stop the car while driving back home. You cannot simply drive under an intensely red sky that is reflecting in the calm red ocean, can you? You need to quiet down and in turn reflect on this extraordinary beauty. alas, i don't have an actual photo to show you but it looked something like this only way much more intense and bright, and without a single cloud.

Photo: kanelstrand

Unlike many doomsday aficionados professing the world's terrible end in 2012 we didn't worry at all and thankfully, because I found a very common explanation of the stunning phenomenon:
If you see red sky during sunset looking to the west there is a high pressure system with dry air that is stirring dust particles in the air, causing the sky to look red. The dry air is heading towards you.
See? Plain high pressure combined with dry air! Long live watchful eyes and science! The world is saved!

Read on to learn even more on how to get by perfectly well without weather forecasting gadgets.


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