16 January 2012

7 Green Ways to Deal With Static Hair

It was a day like any other in January - beautiful, quiet, and cold. We went out to check on the beach and take some photos of the orange skies above. But believe it or not, I don't have a single decent shot and I blame my hair for that. It was flying all over, sticking to my face, to the camera lens and on to my gloves. I had forgotten what static hair was but I guess it was time for me to remember.
Photo:  herm007

Since I guess many of you are often in the same situation during the cold months I decided to share some tips on how to deal with static electricity in your hair.

Reasons for static hair
The main reason for the accumulation of static electricity in your hair is lack of moisture. Winter is THE bad-hair-season because of the challenges set to our hair by the air and some other circumstances:
  • The air indoors is drier than normal due to increased heating. 
  • The air utdoors is colder than normal.
  • Hot showers you are tempted to take dry your hair and skin.
  • The chemicals in shampoos and conditioners (designed to moisturize your hair in a vicious, toxic way).
  • Your hair gets even drier by blow-drying.
  • Now addextract the fresh fruits and vegetables that you eat from spring to autumn, leading to decreased intake of vitamins and minerals.
And there you have it - lifeless dry hair sticking out and making you look like an urchin.

How to deal with it
The most important thing you have to do to prevent static in your hair is to keep it moist. And that you can do without store bought shampoos, conditioners or anti-statics.

Use a hat in the cold weather so that you don't subject your hair to low temperatures.

Try to humidify the air inside. I will not offer you to buy a humidifier though. A very cheap trick that I've been using for years is to place a thin neck bottle on the radiator and let the water evaporate thus humidifying the air. It works perfect!

Take showers with lukewarm water in stead of hot. You will save your skin from drying out as well.

Don't use shampoo. Go for baking soda, or any other natural ingredient shampoo that might be sold in your local health shop, or choose from etsy, but don't use regular shampoo. The chemicals in it will not only dry your hair out but will do much more damage than you imagine.

The same goes for store-bought conditioner. Don't use it! Mother Nature has already created everything we need to be beautiful and healthy, just use what she has to offer. The internet is abundant in natural homemade recipes for moisturizing conditioners.

Try to avoid blow-drying your hair. This is seriously killing it. Let your hair air dry instead.

And last but not least, make sure you are eating healthy. Not just for the sake of your hair but for your whole body and mind. Drink a pill or two of fish oil a day. The Omega-3 is your best friend forever.

Edit: Another simple way to deal with static hair that was suggested by Kanelstrand reader GracieLou. Here is what she says:
This may sound slightly odd, but something I learned many years ago for combating static is... a good ole dryer sheet. I kid you not! You just run it through your hair with some pressure a few times and voila! It can also help for flyaways sometimes too! =)
Thanks for your advice, Gracie! We will surely try this out!

How has your hair been doing this winter? Do you have a special treatment for it?