03 January 2012

Join the Simple Living Challenge!

Welcome to a very new year! The holidays are somehow over now and the traces of the cozy hours we were spending just a few days ago are slowly vanishing. Now life is preparing to get hectic again, even for those who spend it mindfully and slowly.

Modern life will not leave us alone, it will do its best to suck us in the whirlwind of must and should, and deadlines past. And even if it doesn't we will set them, we will build our walls and raise our borders and then, unwittingly we will get tired of trying to break our own walls and borders down.

And life will pass in pointless battles.

But there is another scenario worth thinking about right now:
How about, worn out of struggles as we are, we decide to stop winding in the circle of our own prejudices and pre-set behavioral models?

What if we attempt to live our lives mindfully, slowly and simply?

What if trying to slow down we find new inspiration and unimaginable sides of our characters that will let us get closer to our own dream of ourselves?

Join me in a 3 week Simple Living challenge!
3 weeks
3 weeks is enough time to get used to a change. Once the initial 3 weeks pass we will be comfortable enough to start enjoying our new habit.

3 reasons to join the challenge
  1. Simple life means deliberate life and leads to realization of your strengths, passions and abilities. Simple life means noticing details, living sensibly and enjoying each step of the way.
  2. Simplifying your life is easy, unlike what most experts tell you. The only tool you need is willingness and determination.
  3. Trying to reduce stress and increase joy of life is a promising start to a new year. It is a great start to any period of the year actually, and you can do it any time.

Simple living is just that. Getting rid of anything unnecessary. Be it objects, emotions, wants, prejudices or fears; being happy with what you have and finding joy in everything you do. We are aiming for the essence of life stripped of all things false.

For 3 weeks we will challenge ourselves to:
  • Find happiness in simple everyday routines
  • Increase self-sufficiency
  • Live with less
  • Reconsider technology
  • Simplify our virtual life
  • And much more.
    Let's do this together!
    Together we can make a difference in a fast-paced, thick-skinned world. We can walk the path of conscious living by being the human beings we are, by embracing our weaknesses and turning them into strengths. We can live a simple sustainable life without going to extremes.

    Come February 1st, 2012 I will start posting ideas for simplifying different aspects of life and we will discuss and share our experiences in trying to implement them. These will be all things I have changed in my life or that I am striving to change. The challenge will be as much for you as it is for me!

    As you know, I am always open to your input and I will be adding your suggestions to the posts, so that they can become a living and ever-growing resource for anyone attempting to simplify. If you are interested in writing a guest post about simple living during the 3 weeks of the challenge, I would love to have you! Contact me to discuss the details.

    How to take part in the Simple Living challenge
    You can implement as many or as little of the simple ideas you read - simplicity is not exigent as it is at the core of true happiness. Even if you join the challenge for a day, or just consider doing it, show support and sign the pledge!

    Click on the image below to take the pledge (or click on the same image in the right sidebar):

    Together we can make this happen!