11 January 2012

I Challenge You, You Challenge Me

There must be something in the air this year. So many of us have turned to our inner selves and have come up with amazing ideas for the start of 2012 that despite the bleak "prophesies" we were scared with, I am sure that the year is going to be way more positive than expected.

Prepare for a challenging 2012!

The idea of the Simple Living Challenge dawned on me at the end of 2011 but can you imagine how excited I was when a week later I learned that my editor on Green Living Ideas, who also happens to be the captain of the most  eco-conscious and active team on etsy -  Team EcoEtsy - ecokaren has organized a De-cluttering Challenge!

Karen is challenging herself and us to a de-cluttered month that will hopefully change our point of view even if we don't consider ourselves hoarders. Since she tries to motivate us through comparison, each week Karen will post the items that she is throwing away, donating or selling.

And since decluttering is such a big part of simple living, I have already signed my name and I am encouraging you to take Ecokaren's De-clutter Challenge as well. I am sure that we all have something more to learn! Plus, having company means that you are on the right track in so many ways!

And if you still haven't, come take the Simple Living Pledge and prepare for the Simple Living Challenge starting February 1st!


  1. I'm signing too (thanks for sharing!). 2012 is going to be a great de-cluttering year for me as I'm moving from a big house to a small apartment. It's going to be a lot of work but I can't wait to go through it. :)

  2. De-cluttering, yes indeed, I have been working on this since November. It feels quite liberating as I donated boxes to charity.

  3. Hi Sonya,
    You have done it again! Found another thing I can do to simplify my life...and it is much needed...I am in for the declutter pledge...It is insane how much I could let go of if I can pry it out of my hands. I always think I can use it "later" or for a rainy day, or for art....
    Thanks for hosting the idea! I have been going through my blog to find links...and will get with you on the final list maybe by this weekend.

  4. Smart idea: I have been thinking a lot about de-cluttering, too. Especially as I sit here in about a foot of boxes that I think have something to do with art (maybe?).

  5. I've been working on de-cluttering and organizing this month. feels good.

  6. I like the idea of simpler living! And I've been doing pretty good with decluttering. I never liked clutter so I really don't have too much to work with.

  7. This sounds exactly like what I need right now....
    And it reminds me that I haven't taken the Simple living pledge yet...
    I'd better go do both now.

  8. That's so cool that you're both simplifying at the same time!! I bet both the Simple Living Challenge and the De-Clutter Challenge will be great. :) Good luck!! :D

  9. I know I'm strange but I love de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff (donated of course! ;) It makes me feel so unencumbered and free! Also keeps me from getting attached to 'stuff' that I really don't need or even want!

  10. I know this feeling very well, Melinda - when you have decluttered a corner or organized a cupboard... it's like starting anew, isn't it!

    And also that ability to not get attached to stuff, I am getting better at it :))