The Simple Living Challenge

The Simple Living Challenge is a FREE 3-week intensive course in simple modern living aimed at learning to identify and make space for what is important in our lives.

With the belief that together we can start living a simple sustainable life and walk the path of conscious living we are embracing our weaknesses and turning them into strengths.

For 3 weeks we are challenging ourselves to:
  • Find happiness in simple everyday routines;
  • Increase self-sufficiency;
  • Embrace our imperfections;
  • Live with less;
  • Reconsider technology;
  • Simplify our virtual life;
  • Organize our real life;
  • And much more.
The Simple Living Challenge is going on from 1st to 22nd February, 2012 and is the joined effort of a lot of brains. Reading the Simple Living Challenge posts you will get to know:
  • my personal tips and experiences of simple living;
  • guest posts by established green bloggers;
  • and all your wisdom in the comments afterwards.

To take part in the Simple Living Challenge you could:
You can implement as many or as little of the simple ideas you read - simplicity is not exigent as it is at the core of true happiness. Even if you joined the challenge for a day, or just consider doing it, show support and sign the pledge!
Here is the full list of simplification steps we took during the Simple Living Challenge:
Read the steps but don't miss the comments because their conversational structure allowed for a lot of enlightening, controversial and constructive opinions to be shared and taken into account.


  1. I share healthful information. The internet is a wonderful tool for finding and sharing.

  2. Hi Sonya. I intended to blog about this as it was going on, but it turns out my February was anything but simple. So I'm pledging to do it for the last 3 weeks of March. Better late than never, right?!

    Thanks so much for sharing this.

    1. Hi Lyndsey, don't worry. I think the good side of the challenge is that it is still here - you can read any part of it (and the comments, which are invaluable!) any time you want, so... take your time! And I hope you will share your opinion along the way!