17 February 2012

Step 14: Get Rid of Toxic Cosmetics and Reclaim Your Natural Self

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You may wonder how cosmetics relate to simple living. Well, it's simple. Buying cosmetics shares one common feature with buying clothes - consumerism. Someone, at some point in history managed to persuade us women that we aren't beautiful enough just as we are. I know this has happened long time ago, somewhere in the beginning of time, but while women employed natural beautifying products at the time, we no longer do that.

Nowadays we've been blackmailed and lured into buying, buying, buying all kinds of cosmetics that promise to help us be forever young.
Photo: Vancouver Film School
But there are countless toxic chemicals and parabens in almost every beautifying product you can afford to buy from shampoo to mascara.

What gets me most about this is that while you think you are cleansing your face with the latest lotion you are in fact stuffing yourself with harmful substances. The effects are devastating - from "harmless" rashes and allergies to cancer.

I would like to have the source of this illustration, but I don't. If you know where it comes from, please let me know, so I can link to them!
In Norway, girls as young as 12 start applying mascara and nail polish daily, and dyeing their hair. They go shopping with girlfriends to choose bras (at the age of 12 you can imagine how much there is to put in the bra) and makeup. And yes, they sell kids' makeup and kids' bras in the stores. You tell me how it is in your country but what I see here bothers me.

Big beauty business knows that the earlier they get you as a customer, the longer they will have you. That is a sign of what most women are - vain and insecure in their worth.

I remember an old tale about three ladies who are arguing which one of them has the most beautiful hands. Because they cannot decide they consult a man nearby. He looks at their hands, which are white, soft-skinned and delicate and points out to a woman working in the field next to them, who has dark, dry hands. He tells them that, in fact, she has the most beautiful of hands because they are put to use for the good of mankind.

This is what I would like to leave you with today. Our beauty is not on the outside. 
  • Positive thoughts and good character will bring the best of us on our faces. 
  • Healthy food and lifestyle will give us the best of complexion, hair and nails. 
  • Regular movement and sport will make our bodies fit. 
Nothing you can buy can help you conceal lack of said activities.

Because my way of thinking coincides with a progressive young lady's vision, I have teamed up with her today to back up my words. Taylor Lynn of Perfectly Sensible Nonsense compiled a video of women of all ages who embrace their natural beauty and are proud with it. This is her way of encouraging and inspiring us to love ourselves.

It is a pity that nowadays we have surrendered to the brainwash that we need makeup to be beautiful. We think that we need to look in a certain way in order to be attractive, and we don't feel worth looking at unless we have makeup on. Instead of feeling gorgeous naturally, we feel the need to cover up that natural beauty.

Taylor Lynn. all the gorgeous ladies who participated by sending their makeup-less photos and I want to tell you: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

To learn more about how most of mass-produced cosmetics are killing you and how to replace them to reclaim your true, natural self, go to:

Share your experience: How much cosmetics and makeup do you need to feel beautiful? Can you challenge yourself to go out without makeup if you are addicted to it?

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