11 February 2012

Weekend DIY: Simple Handmade Buttons

I remember the moments when my Mom opened her sewing machine when I was a kid and all sorts of fancy items were to be seen. Most of all, I remember the button box. I am pretty sure that children can grow up playing with just buttons - colorful, different in sizes and shapes, different to the touch. We did have an array of games including buttons, if only I could remember them!

Photo: Rena Tom

As a tribute to my mother, I would like to share with you some DIY projects including buttons.

DIY found on Rit via The Craftinomicon
In case you have a stack of white plastic buttons which you have no idea how to put to use, here is an inspiration - dye them in the colors and shades you want! Use Rit dies and hot water to achieve the desired colors. Don't forget that giving second life to your plastic buttons you are helping the planet!

DIY by The Haby Goddes
If dyeing is not for you, why not trying to make your own buttons out of beach pebbles. They are usually soft and very prone to processing. Go to your nearest pebble beach and choose reasonably flat stones with similar appearance. Try not to go overboard with size because the bigger they are, the heavier they get and will turn practically unusable on a garment. I personally am impatient to try this out. There was a time when I turned everything I saw to a pendant, including some stones, so it wouldn't be hard for me to try again, right?

Photo courtesy of Mystic Orb
I have a long-standing dream of crafting my own wooden buttons, especially after getting to know Taryn and Jeff. Look at that beauty! I would love to change all my family's buttons to those lush, thick and earthy ones by Mystic Orb. Here is a DIY by Just Crafty Enough that might help me get closer to the dream, and hopefully will instill in you the same! It will take you step by step from choosing your branch to coating the buttons.

So tell me, what are you crafting today?