23 February 2012

Scandinavian Winter: February in Norway

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This is just about all the snow we have left around here and it is still February, people! The thing is that, this is just about all the strength I have left after our amazing journey together in the past 3 weeks. 

As Beth Terry says it in a similar moment of visual disability: "I wish I could see you... but I can't!" I cannot concentrate my eyes on the screen and the right half of my head hurts. It is all coming from the eyes, so I took Laurie's advice and had  a short break. 

I went for a walk, alone in the woods. It was sunny but oh so cold, and the northern wind... let's just say that he is not a friend of mine... he makes me cry and stuffs my nose but there I was, kneeling behind a trunk, hiding from it, and in the shortest of quiet moments I felt the warmth of the sun. The grass, newly uncovered from under the snow was vibrantly green. I could smell the moist earth unfreezing after a long winter's sleep and when I looked up I saw the trees, sticking out from the ground like hands, aiming up, up, up to grab the stars.

If you only knew about my newest mind-blowing ideas that make me sleep less than 5 hours a night, you would loose your sleep too! I am excited but I also need to take care of my poor, poor eyes.  Together we are aiming for the stars, aren't we!

Although we are a step closer to spring now, I would like to show how February looks all covered in snow. I would like you to meet the North Sea, tamed by ever-changing circles of ice, pretending to be a quiet lake.


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