22 February 2012

The Final Step: Gratitude

A full list of the Simple Living Challenge steps can be found here.

I am the kind of person who doesn't generally take it easy. When I have a goal, I hunt it down like a hound dog. If I get inspired, I loose my sleep. Everything in my life happens with an intensity of emotion that either makes me forget where I'm headed or leads me to a massive burn-out.

Photo: Kanelstrand

Most of my first-time projects are over-ambitious: perfect images of utopias existing only in my head. The thought that they are generally considered unachievable makes me work on them even harder. Yes, I overwork myself and yes, I see my projects through. And then, after inhuman efforts and days on the job, after I've received praises and admirations I let go and never want to go back... Trust me, it's not easy being me.

Yet, there is a plus side to it. I have gained rich experience observing difficult situations and I've come to some valuable conclusions out of the countless inner conversations I've had. You see, I have a degree in Pedagogy, I cannot even stop myself from educating me.

So, I started a Simple Living Challenge.

I wanted to help myself out loud.

You thought it was all directed only to you, right?

You see, I wrote that on my about me page but you probably thought those were just words - I am walking a path and I would love to have you as my companions. Remember when I took you on that trip around Norway last summer?

The idea behind the Simple Living Challenge was exactly the same. I didn't intend on talking down to you, I wanted us together to take the first steps in the right direction. I just so believe that mutual encouragement and friendship make for a memorable journey.

Photo: Kanelstrand

And what a journey it was! So many people joined us and participated, so many bloggers that I respect shared their points of view, so many of you helped in promoting the challenge. I am humbled by your level of commitment and I would like to thank you for your efforts and for the extraordinary journey we shared in the past 3 weeks.

I know there are many simple living topics that we couldn't cover, but the ones that we did were a pleasure to go through with you. For the rest (Should I say this now or keep you in suspense?), the rest you will be able to read in my first e-book sooner than you think! Stay tuned for the actual date of release.

Thank you for this intense and eye-opening 3-week journey that connected us through oceans and continents. 

I will go anywhere with you.

You can still take the Simple Living Pledge, even if you haven't taken the challenge, and make your life a little bit more organized, decluttered and focused on what really matters! 

If you have missed any of the Simple Living steps we took, here is the full list. Read them through at your own pace and don't miss the comments! Their conversational structure allowed for a lot of enlightening, controversial and constructive opinions to be shared and taken into account.

Step 1: Embrace Your Imperfections
Step 2: Simple Living as Men's Trait
Step 3: The Rules of Simple Home Organization
Step 4: Simple Crafting for Happy People 
Step 5: Simple Scheduling and Planning Routines
Step 6: Spend More Time With the People You Love 
Step 7: Spend More Time Alone 
Step 8: Connect to Your Inner Self 
Step 9: How to De-Stress 
Step 10: Learn to Live With Less and Enjoy it
Step 11: Start a Debt-Free Life
Step 12: How to Overcome Consumerism
Step 13: Declutter Your Life 
Step 14: Get Rid of Toxic Cosmetics and Reclaim Your Natural Self 
Step 15: Wean Off Plastic 
Step 16: Celebrate Your Story