13 December 2011

Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas is getting closer and whether you have decided to go with no new gifts, non-materialistic memory making gifts or you are supporting handmade business this holiday season, you will need to wrap your Christmas presents. Here are some ideas for last minute gift wrapping you can use in order to be both original and eco-friendly. 

As I like to point out in my how to blog series, getting a wonderful present wrapped in crumpled slightly stained paper will pretty mush ruin the experience. The gift wrap is the most important part of the gift because it creates the first impression and you never get a second chance to make first impression. In order to be unique, original and to compliment the gift you can employ a number of last minute techniques even if you are out of time.

Photo: LeeLa Purse
  1. Vintage postcard box - this is a cute tutorial on how to make a quick gift box out of a single folded postcard. The website contains an additional link to a number of other free gift box templates to use with postcards.
  2. Gift wrapped in a gift - use a shawl, a shirt or any other fabric gift as a gift wrap and make the receiving doubly effective and sustainable!
  3. Not your usual paper wrap - use any leftover wallpaper, magazine page, calendar, newspaper or even your child's drawings and wrap away.
  4. Twine and Raffia - use them to achieve a simple and elegant look. They are completely natural, so they are biodegradable too.
  5. Furoshiki - use the Japanese fabric folding technique to effectively turn a piece of fabric into a beautiful wrap, even for bottles. The Hop Frog Pond gives you numerous techniques and ideas on how to wrap your gifts with fabric. 
  6. Go wrap-less - sometimes giving a gift without a a gift wrap is not that bad if you make the moment memorable!
I love getting gifts but I prefer giving them. Seeing the expression on the face of the recipient is one of my most favorite moments. There is one thing my mother has taught me and I keep on using her advice not only in gift wrapping but in blogging as well - the wrap is half the present. So, think well and wrap with your heart!

How do you wrap your Christmas gifts?