08 December 2011

Scandinavian Winter: December in Norway

December came and brought white fluffy snow. A bit too cold, a bit too dark, and too festive. It is a busy month with lots of bright decorations to make up for the reduced time of sunshine but who doesn't like it! I am sure that sometimes, right after sunset I can hear the sleigh bells. Can you?

And now, enjoy December in Norway the way I've captured it.

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  1. Norway covered in snow - just beautiful

  2. Gorgeous Sonya!! The second one is my favorite. Looks ultra cozy!!

    Do pop by...I think you'll appreciate my latest post...a great new local business that I know will be right up your alley. :-)

  3. really beautiful- I can hear the sound of snow under footsteps in all that silence! my seasons here look quite the same- between 26-36C there's not so much difference:)

  4. What a lovely collection of photos! The snow looks beautiful, and the village shot with the snow on the roofs is my favorite.
    Everyday Inspired

  5. Once again, such beautiful, beautiful photos, Sonya! I love #6, #7 and #8 - particularly #8, it's so magical! <3 Maybe if we get some more snow soon I'll be able to link up. :)

  6. Oh, such spectacular photos! I like the snow if I don't have to be out in it. It's beautiful to look at!

  7. Sonya,
    These images are beautiful! I love the one with the white houses and roof tops...but they are all stunning! How do you get such crisp images? Really lovely.

  8. These are so wonderful images! All of them! So good you have snow. Switzerland is still without it, but I hope it will change before Christmas or we will have to go searching for snow higher up in mountains :-)

  9. Wow! I would love to see snow like that!

  10. it looks so peaceful and magical!

  11. Simply beautiful. Love the lake pictures.

    Blogging Buddies

  12. I absolutely love your Norway photo series. Adding a bunch of these to Pinterest now...

  13. So beautiful! I never get to see snow like that here in southern USA.

  14. Snow looks magical through your creative eye. Great photos.~Cindy, Visiting from Blogging Buddies

  15. Beautiful!

    That's the way I like to enjoy snow..in photos!

    Stopping by from Blogging Buddies


  16. These photos are so amazing - thank you for sharing!

  17. Thank you all for such wonderful feedback! I love sharing my photos with you!

    Julia, the crispness of the images is worked upon long and hard. Check my comment on your blog for the answer.

    aboutgoodness, you are lucky to live so close to the Swiss Alps! Are you a skier?

    Taylor, even if you don't get any snow, I would still enjoy your photos immensely. You know, sometimes December is not about snow. Plus, you had some in October, right?

    Tisha, thank you! I just wanted to make clear that this is not a lake but the North Sea. It is surprisingly calm in winter, isn't it!

    Paige, thanks for pinning, you finally turned me into a pinner as well.

  18. Aw, thanks, Sonya! Yeah, we did have some snow in late October...then it warmed up again, LOL! Crazy weather. ;) I may have a few previously unshared photos from Winter Storm Alfred I could put in a post...we'll see, I'll keep it in mind! :)

  19. Wow, Sonya, so beautiful I'm just gazing and sighing at your photos! I'm sure it must be cold with all that snow, but it's so gorgeous I think I'd hardly notice. I'm going to try and find time to get out and take some photos so I can link up too, though sad to say it looks nothing like your photos around here right now.

  20. Oh Mary, please do! I am starting to get addicted to these case studies of the seasons around the world we are organizing! I am sure you will take stunning photos as well. I have been watching you. B-)

  21. So beautiful! Love the photographs.

    Blogging Buddies Team

  22. Sonia,
    BEAUTIFUL pictures! Thank you for sharing! If I had a few photos to submit to the linky, I would. Today's post is gorgeous!
    from Blogging Buddies

  23. Is Norway unearthly beautiful or are you a magician? ;)

  24. wow!!! stunning and calm and lovely ....

  25. Oh, look at the golden light spilling from every snow-coated house! They almost look like miniature houses —pristine!

  26. Hey Sonya - if you'd like a free linky tool, check out Simply Linked!


    You can get a free account - it's what I'm using for Leave a Note Week. :) I'm doing a post for this now - let me know if you put a new linky tool up, and I'll link up! :D