29 December 2011

My New Year's Gift to You: Slow Down

I guess it is right about time to wish you a successful and healthy new year.

I would like to wish for myself to keep having you by my side on the path to sustainability and simplicity. I am sure we could all benefit from that.

I started the year with 0 followers, 0 pageviews and 0 blogging experience. I finish it with more than 2000 subscribers and more than 100000 pageviews a month. But behind those numbers are you! Thanks to you I have exceeded all my expectations ever. 

Thank you to my sponsors who have trusted me to showcase your lovely eco-friendly creations, your thoughts at the process of creations and your generous giveaways and discounts.

Thank you to all of you, amazing new blogging friends, to whom I look for inspiration and who have been by my side in all my endeavors in the past year. Thank you for your words of appreciation and honest opinion. You have been my driving force.

Please, have my New Year's gift to you. I designed a wallpaper you can download for free and I hope it will inspire you and will set you in the right mood always. I already have it on my desktop and I imagine how if you set it as well we will be connected in a wonderful and simple way.

With the wallpaper comes my wish to you: every time you feel stressed out in the coming year, remember to SLOW DOWN and relax. Things will be alright as long as you are able to hear your inner voice.

Click to download (choose between bright or dark bunny):
iPhone4 - bright | dark
iPhone - bright | dark
iPad - bright | dark
1024x768 - bright | dark
1920x1080 - bright | dark