26 December 2011

Dreams Do Come True

It's quiet. Only the hurricane passing through Norway, beating branches against my window disturbs the fragile equilibrium of the late Nordic darkness. It is the second night of Christmas when miracles happen or so we humans tend to believe. Because really, we are the agents of everything that happens to us. We are where we are because at some point in our past we thought of this place - emotional or physical; good or bad. And we dreamed it hard enough to make it happen.

The quiet night will extend into the muffled empty space between two celebrations. A 6-day period of leisure, cozily lit warm homes and time spent with loved ones. Free of goals and achievements. A good end to a year and a wonderful preparation for a new one.

In this short period of time it has become customary to re-evaluate the year past and to plan ahead for the new one. In fact, people have been doing this since Babylonian times, which makes for a pretty well-grounded tradition of roughly about 3000 years. We like to evaluate, judge, learn from mistakes and most of all, we like to dream.

Photo: kanelstrand

The New Year's resolutions you will be heavily advised to write down on beautiful freely downloadable printables on every other web site are the critical first step to fulfilling your dreams, don't deem them banal. Your dreams get conceived in the serenity of your mind. But to give them life you need to take them out to the bright world. Writing a dream down sets the process of its fulfillment. Trust me. I know from experience.

Once you start believing that you have the power to fulfill your dreams you will get stunned because they will start coming true. Inevitably. They have no other choice. 

Dream big. Dream ridiculously positive and don't be judgmental. Instead of listing the reasons why your dream will not do in real life, just write your dream down and read it out loud. See it happening. Remember it happening.

The process has now begun.

It doesn't matter if your dream is a new year's resolution, or if it sounds weird, unachievable, weak or too ambitious. Once you can see the outlines of the words that describe it, once you can touch the paper and smell the ink your mind and the whole universe will start working for its fulfillment.

Don't worry. 

Don't judge.

State your dream.

Trust the process.

P.S. Now don't just nod in agreement or disbelief. Take out a sheet of paper and write down a dream. Then come and join the Simple Living challenge. You will thank me later.