04 December 2011

Weekend DIY: Make Your Christmas Tree

I love the smell of pine on Christmas but ah well, cutting the trees down to have them inside isn't the best we can do for the forest, is it! Unless you use a live Christmas tree, which you can later plant in your garden, or you gather fallen or broken branches thus helping clean the forest, you will not be extremely green. But you can always use your imagination and create unusual, unexpected and over-exciting Christmas tree out of almost anything!

You will need some wooden rails and hot glue for this one. Click here to get to the easy tutorial.

Photo by by Alexandra Grablewski, courtesy of sweet paul

Who knew that you can make a sweet dimensional Christmas tree out of rolled paper? Visit A Little Tipsy for the instructions.
Photo: A Little Tipsy

Don't throw away your wine bottles, you might need them for Christmas!
Photo: shelterness

Plywood Christmas tree anyone? It is sturdy, three-dimensional and green!
Photo: shelterness

This one is so natural and reminds me a mobile. Great idea for small spaces!

Photo: hohumcards

For the passionate reader - a Christmas tree made of books!
Photo: feniture

‘Christmas tree for purists’ made of numerous oiled wooden beams from northern pine. 
Photo: Sandra Lindner
What Christmas tree will you have this year?


  1. These are all so awesome! I can't believe that wine bottle tree!

  2. These are fun and different!

  3. These are great! That wine bottle tree is amazing! I hope the builder works someplace where they can get the wine bottles without drinking all that wine in a year!

  4. wonderful ..pure delight from top to bottom!!

  5. Great collection of trees. I love the wine bottle tree, and the wood beams with candles!
    Everyday Inspired

  6. How cool!! That wine bottle one is awesome...and I just LOVE the book one, haha! Such a neat idea! ;)

  7. So fun! I love the wine bottle one...how cool is that!!

  8. I also liked these: http://crate.typepad.com/cratepaper/2010/09/lolly-chessies-famous-cp-christmas-trees.html
    http://pinterest.com/pin/256634878735445622/ (I still need to find the original source)

  9. These are so cute! And the wine bottle one is amazing!!

  10. Thank you for this, Sonya. We decided not to buy a tree this year, so I've been investigating how I can make decorations, including maybe a a small tree, out of stuff we already have. I've found some gorgeous tutorials, but most of them would require me to buy materials, so these look great!

  11. hey I just stumbled on this site and wanted to say I love all the green DIY christmas tree alternatives. Keep up the great content. =)

  12. I love ALL of them it put me in the spirit