06 December 2011

Felt Christmas Decorations

Today's post is dedicated to my obsession with felted wool. I know that at least one of you will understand me and feel for me. But hey, it is not that hard to love felt - felt and felted products are soft and warm and they seem to be the best partner of Winter.

So, basically I just wanted to show you this incredible find. I would love it if I find the time to make it myself but if I don't I will look at this photo every day of the next year. 
Felt House by Poopscape Projects
But then I couldn't just keep to one felted project and decided to show you how to make the typical Dala Horse, which has become a symbol of Sweden.

Dala Horse Christmas Ornament by Better Homes and Gardens
Then I thought it would be great if we could enjoy some Bavarian hospitality. After all, Christmas in the Alps is a great experience (I've heard).

Bavarian Costume by Creative Breathing
If you don't get to the Alps you can always make use of the Christmas snow and make some snowmen, right?

Embroidered Felt Ornament by Sunshine's Creations
And if there is no snow at all, you can always lift your Christmas spirits with traditional Christmas tree balls done untraditionally!

Christmas Ornaments by Inside My Hideaway
Enjoy a crafty December and show me what you've made. I would enjoy it even if it is not felted. I promise!


  1. Oh these houses are so beautiful! I also love this adorable horse. felts make great ornaments!

  2. As I sit here surrounded by felt, I think your energy must be rubbing off on me Sonya....Yay!!:)

  3. I am the one eh? You are too much Sonya! But, it is true! Felting is the most rewarding craft. Anyone can do it.

    If you knit, you have the pleasure of knitting a fabric that then becomes your canvas for whatever ideas your imagination comes up with. Look at the embroidery on the snowmen. It is gorgeous!

    If you don't knit, you can upcycle like Casey in yesterday's post. That beautiful wool sweater that is too worn to wear or too small can be transformed...hat, mittens, socks, bag. The only limit is your imagination.

    Finally, you can buy pieces of felt for projects like ornaments. It's a wonderful and easy project to do with kids.

    Oops! If you needed proof that I share Sonya's passion for felt, there it is!

    Happy felting everyone!

  4. Yes Laurie, you are the one! And now everybody knows that you truly are... after such a passionate comment :)

  5. Love those little felt houses! So cute as are all the others!

  6. Oh my goodness, Sonya! I got excited just when I saw the title of this post! Hahaha. You know I love felt! Those little houses are gorgeous. Thanks so much for including my little ornaments too! xo, Mary

  7. Hey Sonya,

    i am a secret felt lover myself! I love, love LOVE the little houses! My latest find is handmade soap wrapped in felted fiber...perfect exfoliant and they are lovely to look at...makes me just want to stop everything and craft!
    How DOES she make those little houses? Darling!

  8. Those are all fantastic!! I love the feel of felt ornaments too, not just the look. :-)

  9. I love the dala horse... !! Have already bookmarked it under DIY Inspirations...!!! Am also obsessed with felt products... !!! Whatever you have shared here looks soo lovely !!

  10. Haha, love this post! Those houses are so cute, but the dala horse is even cuter!! :D And of course, the Christmas ornaments are fantastic. :) Great finds!

  11. Sometimes I feel like I *could* be crafty ... like I've got it in me somewhere, deep down inside. I saw your Swedish horse on Pinterest and clicked through. I love the felt houses as well, and I'm feeling inspired to try my hand at something--anything! Thanks for taking the time to post. Even if I never succeed, I've enjoyed what you've done. Thank you!

  12. Cherstin, thank you for taking the time to comment. I am sure that if you had the urge to do that you ARE crafty! Just challenge yourself with the easiest project possible and you will grow wings after you see the outcome, I promise :)