09 August 2011

Making This Blog a Better Place

A month has passed since I got the urge to pose the serious question to the important people in my virtual life. Yes, a month ago I asked YOU, all of you, my dear readers: How to make this blog a better place? and was I surprised by the response this survey aggregated!

Thank you, all of you 228 souls for the time you spent giving me your advice. I get so uplifted collaborating with creative and thinking people, there is hardly anything else I would rather do!

I know you can't wait to see the results and where this blog is heading to, so here are the answers to the main question in the survey:

What content would you prefer to see on the Kanelstrand blog?

Yes, things looked pretty obvious even in the beginning and I am so glad that I had the chance to give you what you wanted straight away! Several days after setting up the survey, my family and I started on a journey around Norway and you were my photo companions for 15 days of Scandinavian nature, cities, small towns and UNESCO World Heritage listings. Now that's what I call good timing or even more bravely put - reading of minds!  I am proud to have covered the most wanted topics - Photography (71%) and Scandinavian nature and way of life (68%). 

Now, what is left is for me to keep on sharing with you my passions: photography, Scandinavia and easy decluttered living. Of course, there will be much more and I have already taken into consideration all of your wonderful thoughts and ideas you shared in the survey. I wholeheartedly appreciate your opinions and I feel blessed to have connected with so many inspired and bright minds. 

Thank you for being there for me. I will do my best to keep working and collaborating with you for creating a better place for ourselves where we can grow together and share our passions.

On a different note, I am thankful to my friend ELK who informed me yesterday that there was a problem with the comment form on my blog, so I had to change it to a pop-up window in order to be able to get your responses. Hopefully blogger will fix whatever needs to be fixed soon. 

Do you have any problems with your comment forms?