27 August 2011

The Week in Links and Photos

Saturday's posts will not be as quiet anymore. 

Starting today I will be altering the Right Now posts, changing the title to The Week in Links and Photos and adding links to green or simple living posts from around the web which I have found interesting throughout the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as you have enjoyed the quiet photo posts and I would love it if after reading you come back and share your thoughts.

If you are still insure about the advantages of switching to solar power, maybe you need to reconsider

Who said you couldn't name a vegan spider after a book character? Meet Bagheera Kiplingi, named after the panther in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, as well as 9 more rainforest creatures that defy imagination. 

Make drivers slow down with this awesome birdhouse.

With hurricane Irene knocking on the door of the East Coast of USA, here are several tips for evacuating your pets.

Although vacation season is almost over, there is still time for travel. Just in case, take a look at this list of ideas on how to stay healthy while on vacation, which I compiled for Green Living Ideas last week.

So, what do you think? How do you find the new idea of combining a photo from the week with interesting green links?

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  1. i always relish finding new spaces ..this will be wonderful ~ happy weekend off to visit the links!!

  2. now i get to see more pics than just one;) and I bet you can always make it interesting, I trust your taste! I smiled and discovered the rainforest creatures and the speed camera:))Keep them coming!

  3. Look forward to it ... love to discover new ones .... off now!

  4. First - I love the photo, Sonya! :D

    Second, the phrase "vegan spider" caught my attention, so I went to check it out. The spider, of course, was cool, and I knew some of the animals featured. Some of the ones that stuck out, however, were the (adorable!) Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko, the Honduran White Bat (OHMIGOSHITSALITTLEFLUFFBALL!!) and the (leering?) Mata Mata. xD Thanks for the link, Sonya!