14 August 2011

Weekend DIY: 3 Projects With Jar Lids

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Autumn is just round the corner already and it brings a whole new array of lovely colors, smells and traditions. One warm childhood memory of autumn I have kept close to my heart is the time when canning begins and the whole family takes part in the process. But to keep your canned food you need jars. In June I posted several diy projects with mason jars but they were mostly about alternative uses of jars. Today I bring you a collection of diy's to make your jar lids more appealing and to find a different purpose for them!  

1. Storage jars with chalkboard paint lids by Amanda Wright from Wit & Whistle.
2. Fancy Tops by KristanLynn from AdelynStone
3. Mason Jar Sewing Kit by Liz Stanley from Momtastic.

So, how are you beautifying your jars?