12 August 2011

Blog Of The Week

I am not yet finished decluttering my Google Reader and another batch of about 20 feeds went away yesterday. BUT (there is always a but and when it is in capital letters you must be extraordinarily cautious) I have decided it was high time I start another lovely tradition of giving back.

I have so far had so much sincere and positive feedback on my A Portrait of The Artist project, designed to offer publicity to independent artists from around the world, regardless of their media or experience in online selling. For those of you who still haven't clicked on the tab under my blog banner, I will explain that for each of the interviews in the project I pair up with Marin Ívan PhD, who is a prominent expert in the field of eco-technologies from Islandia Geomatics and after getting acquainted with the work and the level of ecological sustainability of the artist we come up with the interview questions which are in turn answered and presented to you with the most suitable illustrations of the artist's creations.

Blog as a graph: dafyd

While organizing my RSS feed I have been thinking that supporting bloggers, and moreover the blogs I connect with and believe in, is another priority of mine. I want to showcase to you blogs I love or am falling in love with and the work of famous or undiscovered bloggers who inspire me or whom I look up to. I don't care about the numbers behind those blogs, just if they speak to me. I hope that I will manage to broaden your horizons and breathe beauty and aesthetics into your everyday.

So, look out for the first of the series next week!