22 August 2011

Check the Weather with Google Maps

Ever since Google Maps launched Street View my family’s total online time has gone up by approximately 1 hour a day. Why? Because here was the irresistible idea to satisfy a traveler’s thirst. We would roam the streets of Tokyo, or the green roads of Ireland, or check the name of a store in Sweden just by browsing on our laptops from the top of the Google car. Not much left to ask when you need to plan a vacation, right?


Last week Google Maps became even more enticing by adding Weather to their tools. Official Google Blog: Rain or shine, see the weather in Google Maps. To check the temperatures, just go to the widget in the upper right corner of Google Maps and click on Weather. If you zoom out, you will see the weather icons for any location you choose, showing current temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius, humidity and wind speed in km/h, mph or m/s.

The icons also show you if it is day or night and don't worry if you see white spots above some regions – it is the current cloud coverage which can, of course, be turned on and off! 

If you click on a particular icon you will see detailed weather information about the location. 

Now think about how easy it has just become for you to check the weather conditions anywhere in the world. With a click or two you can be very well informed not just about your local weather or the place you are going to visit this time next year, but also about how your friends or relatives living around the world are doing in the current weather conditions. 

How often do you check the weather?