10 July 2011

Hitting the Road!

For a long time we have been planning this trip. "Planning" is a bit exaggerated though, as we have been craving to go on the journey and with a map-making Ph.D. in geography as husband you don't actually need much planning because everything is quite clear - roads, mountains, fjords, towns, there are no secrets for a geographer, you know...
Photo: kanelstrand

So now the time came for us to hit the road. With the coolest VW van, furnished with a bed for three, made by the already mentioned Ph.D, the most awesome hand sewn red blinds (I might actually share the how-to with you someday) in tone with the van's color, laptops, color pencils and a pet bunny, the family is ready to go. But don't say your goodbyes yet because I will be here and I will keep you updated!
Photo: beargraphics

The survey that you have so kindly been filling out tells me that a staggering 71% of you would love to learn more about Scandinavia and even more enjoy my photography, so this is what I am planning to give you - an indefinite period of beautiful photos and stories from the road in Norway (hopefully in good weather).

Why indefinite? Because we don't know how long the journey will go on, we will just take it one step at a time! 

Where? Well, Norway of course!

The route? I will let you know each day where we are, so you will get to feel like the explorers we are!

So, what do you say, are you with me on that journey?

In other news: If you are curious to know more about me, I have opened up to Carina's questions and you can read my interview over at her stylish blog.

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