23 August 2011

On a Quest to Simplify - Streamline Your Virtual Life

Simplification is a never-ending journey, I know that. But there are also moments of insight, when you get carried on the wings of inspiration and open a new page in life. 

The road to simplicity is simple in itself. You are not supposed to take many turns and there aren't even bumps. You just walk, as simple as that, straight ahead to the light. 

Why do we need to simplify, you may ask. Well, because there is no other way to a healthy and creative mind. The less clutter around, the clearer you see your purpose, the easier you identify your goals.

Photo: kanelstrand

Simple as it appears, I realize the journey may be hard for some of us. After much thought I came to the conclusion that it is a good first step to declutter your virtual life. That is why I devised a 5 step plan for simplifying your virtual life, which was published last week on green living ideas. You are welcome to read it and join the discussion!

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Do you take any actions for simplifying your virtual life?