06 July 2011

How to Make This Blog a Better Place - A Survey

When I set on the blogging journey, I spent several rather quiet months until I could feel the vibe of my blog and let everything I had read in the past 3 years combine miraculously in my head. Then I simply started writing. Just like I have done ever since I remember myself. So, that was easy, really.

But I realized that blogging is not about me. It is about you and me, together. As days passed by, I felt more distinctly the dynamic balance between my words and yours grow. The interaction with creative souls is a gift I wouldn't exchange for any other. You, all of you, my lovely readers, are an inspiration to me! Believe it or not, I say "Thank you" out loud to each of your comments. Every day.
Photo: kanelstrand

I know that finding the right path takes time and efforts, trials and errors and I am up for all that, I am willing to go the whole way! But I would love it if you help me take a shortcut. I have compiled a short survey with questions about what you would like to read on the Kanelstrand Organic Living Blog. You can see a link to it on the right sidebar, and it will stay there for a while, open for everyone.

Please, take a minute to fill the survey out. This way you will help me create an even more enjoyable place for all of us. Thank you!