19 March 2012

Presenting The Studio Magazine

When I told you, back in December 2011, that dreams do come true, did you trust me?

Do you remember I wrote about the power of believing in your dreams and how important it is in making them come true? Yes, they have no other choice but to follow what you believe.

I ended 2011 wishing you to dream big and bold.  And, in a way, that was a wish for me too. Even motivators need motivation, right? Looking back at the past 3 months I see that I dreamed out loud - we experienced the extremely powerful Simple Living Challenge, and although I almost ruined my eyes working on it, I cannot be more satisfied with how uplifting and educational it was.

So, I am deep in the creative mood as you can already feel, and I will no longer keep you waiting. I proudly present to you, dear readers, the first issue of The Studio - a magazine about all things handmade and eco-friendly.

What is it about?
The Studio will be published monthly and will present the best of environmentally-conscious artists who, of course are also my sponsors. I am so proud to be able to show off the talent of these extraordinary crafters, each unique and precious in their own way.

Who is behind The Studio?
Well, me, of course! Now that the team of gifted contributing writers has started enhancing the Kanelstrand blog with wisdom from all spheres of simple life, I can spare a few hours off my insane weekly schedule and work on a different format of promoting handmade.

What can you expect from The Studio?
Take a look at the first issue. This is just the beginning. In the next months you will see the magazine grow and get better and better. Oh, The Studio will become your favorite online magazine for handmade living!

Do you want to be featured? 
If you create environmentally responsible art or are a skilled eco-friendly crafter and want to get new fans through The Studio, contact me for rates and details. I would love to have you!

Dream big. Dream ridiculously positive and don't be judgmental.See your dream coming true!

In other words, go get your issue of The Studio magazine! It is free and you can download it to your computer or even print it out. You can subscribe, to make sure you don't miss a single issue. Please, share it with all your friends!

Now, tell me what you think!