06 March 2012

How to Become a Smart Gardener

Have you noticed how more and more people around the world resort to gardening and producing their own fruits and vegetables. This trend gives me hope that we are, after all, on the road to reconnecting with the basics of sustainable living.

But how easy is it to set up your own garden?

What if you want to have one but are totally unexperienced?

Or what if you want to renovate your garden?

I am very sorry but I cannot answer these questions. I didn't take the time to learn from my grandfather when he was still alive. He was a polyglot dentist who had taught himself the secrets of organic gardening. My mistake was that I thought he would live forever and I could ask him for advice any time. Don't follow my lead on this one. Grab the opportunity right now and learn.

Screenshot from Smart Gardener

A great online tool about gardening, and one that was recently presented on Green Living Ideas is Smart Gardener. It allows enthusiastic gardeners to easily design, grow and harvest a successful organic vegetable garden.

Screenshot from Smart Gardener

You can make use of the virtual garden plan and find the best places for your crops.

Screenshot from Smart Gardener

You will also receive advice about the most appropriate regional plants for your garden.

But what will take your gardening to the next level is the to do list that will be automatically created for you and can get accessed even from your smartphone.

One thing I learned from my grandfather though, was that the connection you create with the seed by simply holding it in your hands is divine. After transforming to a ripe fruit or vegetable it could enhance your physical and mental state not just by presenting you gracefully with ts vitamins but also by giving back your own energy.

So, plant on! Reclaim your personal self-sufficiency and eat your own produce. There's nothing healthier than that.