27 March 2012

Eco Friendly Wedding Dresses

This post is written by contributing author Paige Ronchetti. 

One of my BFFs just started planning her wedding (yay!), so naturally I've been eyeballing all sorts of pretty dresses lately. Which just makes me wish I could have my wedding all over again, but since it's silly to have a vow renewal after 2.5 years of marriage, I have to live vicariously through her for now.

But for ladies actually IN the market for a wedding dress (or a vow renewal), I found some fabulous ones from Janay A. Handmade.

This tea length, made-to-order dress features pockets and is available with an optional tie-on underskirt to make it longer. The shorter version we have above is $1,600....

And the longer version is $2,800.

For ladies who want something more nature-inspired, this gown has a gorgeous petal motif on the back:

And again with the pockets, which is just about the smartest thing you can put in a wedding dress. Hello, Kleenex and lip balm. $2,500.

All gowns are made from vintage and organic fabrics, and you can view the entire collection on Etsy or the Janay A. website. Ladies in the Kansas City area can pop into their showroom, too! And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, custom orders are always welcome.

Did you have an eco friendly wedding dress? Or are you thinking about going that direction?

All photos posted with permission from Janay A. Handmade.

Paige Ronchetti lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband. They have no kids and no pets, which gives them a lot of time for eating spicy food and looking for bargains. Paige's blog is Little Nostalgia is a collection of projects and pretty things. There you can find DIY tutorials, home decor inspiration, and affordable fashion ideas. When she is not blogging, Paige is working on her vintage-inspired jewelry lines, Little White Chapel and Oh Nostalgia. Connect to Paige via twitter or pinterest.


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    1. Indeed! Paige has an eye for stylish clothes!

  2. That nature inspired gown is amazing!!!

    1. Isn't it! I can see the whole wedding in my mind's eye already!

  3. Really stunning but yikes with the price! Think if I get wed I'll be sticking to second hand as my most ethical option.Rx


  4. Hi Paige! I'm curious where you've been looking for dresses; did you use a simple google search or was there more to it? We've been creating eco-friendly bridal gowns for years, including 2-piece convertibles and dresses with pockets! And if you're still looking to help your friend (yay!), we've got a Sneak Preview of our New Collection coming soon. Give a shout and I'd be glad to send you pretty piccies. ;-)

    Thanks for writing about eco-friendly wedding dresses and spreading the fabulous message!

    Be well

    Lori Del Genis,
    Director and Dressmaker, Conscious Elegance Handmade Eco Wedding Dresses
    www.consciouselegance.com -- Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Wedding Attire

    Recipient of Wedding Wire's Bride's Choice Awards 2011 and 2012
    Environmental Agency/North Tyneside Council Business of the Year Award Winner

    Conscious Elegance
    2056 Chelsea Lane
    State College, PA 16801-2709

  5. Oh these are gorgeous! I especially love those petals on the back. :)

  6. Gorgeous! I agree about the price (for me), but they aren't even as expensive as a lot of the high end dresses I saw 12 years ago when shopping. I love that there are more eco-friendly options!