31 March 2012

Weekend DIY: Easter Egg Decor

What a better way to celebrate the vibrant colors of spring than incorporating them in our Easter celebration. I am smitten with all creative DIYs on the Internet about dyeing and decorating Easter eggs and not only do I want to share them with you but I am trying to find a way to make them all. I guess I will need a really long Easter for that.

For the first project found at Martha Sewart you will need beautiful small leaves to imprint on the egg shell but this time you don't need a hard-boiled egg. You can use blown-out instead. Watch a video here.

Photo via Marta Stewart

Here is another lovely project found at Poppytalk that would be fun for the children in the house. You can paint blown-out eggs with water colors and add a tiny wish inside.

Photo via Poppytalk

Or you can use tattoo paper to transfer any pattern on either blown-out or hard-boiled eggs the way they show us on Country Living.

Photo via Country Living

What are you crafting today?


  1. Martha Stewart always has the most awesome ideas! I had to laugh when I saw the eggs with the notes, Jordan is making some of those for Easter right now... discovered on Pinterest! ;)

  2. incredibly beautiful ~~ happy weekend!!

  3. That is the coolest thing - it is like an Egg Fortune Cookie, how fun! You always find the greatest DIY's!

    Just popping in to say hello/thinking of you. I have been on vacation for a bit from the blog and computer. Spring has been calling to me in the sense that I feel like "moving" more - printing, sewing, drawing, walking the dog. Also working on projects as well but not as much computer time.

    Anyway, I hope you are doing fantastic. Love the new blog design - very elegant logo and type!!

    Hugs - Brandi

  4. I tried to make some eggs but they were truly terrible!Rx


  5. Thanks for sharing these. I love all the new ideas for decorating Easter eggs. So much fun.

  6. All wonderful ideas for unique Easter eggs! I love the tattoo paper transfers on the eggs.
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