11 October 2011

Blogging for Success

Yes, I know you are blogging for a lot of other reasons. But apart from glory, it would be nice if you achieve success, right? We, humans, are so much encouraged by success that it defines our happiness and self-evaluation. So why not put some efforts into blogging for success?

Apart from learning how to blog efficiently to attract a steady flow of followers and create a community-like feeling in your part of the Internet there are a several helpful tools you could use to get a clearer idea about what exactly is going on "behind the scenes" so that you can react accordingly and be the true master of your blog.

In order to achieve that, there are several points of interest that you should consider.

Photo by Steve Corey
Make friends 
Blogging is a way to communicate with the world. But if you want the world to listen you should be proactive. Yes, writing up your blog posts is not enough to create followship and keep it. Apart from setting a theme for your blog, using beautiful illustrations and making it visually attractive, put your efforts in creating virtual friendships you will very soon see the results!

To keep a blog friendship alive the most important thing is to know what your blogging friends are doing and be there to share inspiration, give ideas or compassion when needed. The best way is to use an RSS reader, or as in my case - Google Reader. Once you have the blogs you follow in there you will not miss a post and will be able to adequately comment and take part in the blogging life.

Putting a favorite blog's button or adding a blog's link to your sidebar is yet another way to demonstrate care and respect. Once the bloggers you link to start getting traffic from you, even if they don't particularly know you they will be keen on returning the favor. Well, I guess this is not a universal truth but I have noticed that most successful bloggers believe in blogging karma.

Know your friends and foes
Well, foes is kind of strong here, but by that I mean competition. You know that old saying: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer? Well, know you know - if you are informed on what your competition is doing you will surely get inspiration and that will help you develop your creativity in a positive way. So, this one is easy - follow high-traffic blogs in the same field as yours and learn from them!

Early on your blogging path you will know how important it is to be informed about who has blogged about you and who has linked to your posts. In this way you will meet new friends, or even fans, and what is more, if you follow your blogger stats you will know where your traffic comes from - which will give you incentives as to what to do to attract even more traffic! For example, once I realized how much traffic StumbleUpon aggregates, I started submitting my articles (apart form others') which transformed into heaps of pageviews!

Photo by Steve Corey

Be a good host 
Finally and most importantly - the technical part of blogging - make sure you regularly back up the template and the content of your blog! Imagine a year of blogging gone forever because of a single moment of insecurity or a button clicked by accident! Plus, having a library of all the different templates and stages of your blog is very educational and motivational!

Do you have other advice that has proven to work for you? Share with us in the comments!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree, especially about making friends. I've gained some of my most meaningful and influential friendships in life via blogging. Excellent post.

  2. Thank you, Ruth. I appreciate your visits and opinion!

  3. Oh, striking images!
    In my case, it felt like I was half-blogging until I decided to start posting regularly.
    Once I made the commitment my blog gained substance, I started thinking differently about it, a consistent style started to emerge.

    I've expanded my layout (to favor images) about 3 times. Makes sense, since my posts are image-heavy.

    As you mention, blogging karma, openness.
    Links and comments exchange...
    My blog has introduced me to great people, which in turn prompts me to reach out further. :)

  4. Another wonderful post! Thank you so much! It is really generous of you to share all your tips with us. Everything I've learned about blogging is from you and your posts!!

  5. Nice information, great guideline!

  6. These are very good points to remember. I wholeheartedly believe in blog karma! I also agree with weird amiga about writing consistently. One thing I've learned is that readers don't keep coming back if you are not providing something for them to read on a regular basis. Great post, Sonya!

  7. I second all those tips Sonya - you get so much more than you give in blogland:):)

  8. Lots of great info in this post and in your blog - thanks for sharing! One thing I guess I didn't realize when starting a blog was the amount of commitment it takes. You have to be either all in or just plain out.

    Empty On the Inside
    Dough, Dirt & Dye

  9. You always have straightforward, useful tips. Appreciate it!

  10. Great advice and I'm heading over there to learn how to backup!

  11. All important tips to remember. I totally agree about building a blogging community. That is what I enjoy most, getting to know other bloggers and gaining new friends. I love your blog Sonya, thanks for being part of my blogging community!
    Everyday Inspired

  12. All awesome points Sonya!! It truly is a community and you can share a lot but you can also learn a lot...I know I have!!

  13. i also have met so many great friends and love my blog..

    I do know that at times I suffer from burnout or the " I don't have anything else to say " blues ...

    I guess just working through or even taking a break from it helps!!

    big hugs to you from Texas!

  14. great advice! I'm off to learn how to back up!

  15. What a wonderful post Sonya! Everything you pointed out is so important, especially the part about making friends. The blogging world is such a wonderful place to meet like-minded spirits, and to learn from one another. Thank you for sharing this!


  16. Wonderful common sense points all of them. As the saying goes to have a good friend you must be a good friend!

  17. I love your great tips!This is my second week of blogging, I'm still trying to figure out the style, and I need to do some technical improvements. But most of all I love reading words of encouragement. Thank you so much :)

  18. Absolutely! I often think that one of the biggest "secrets" to blogging success is to make bloggy friends. Because most of the comments I get on my blog are from the bloggers I've taken the time to get to know. I keep up with their blogs, they keep up with mine. Plus, bloggy friends are what make blogging fun! Knowing that people out there care about what you have to say makes you feel great. :)

    Good tips!

  19. great tips, I especially like your tips on virtual freindships! There are so many people I've met solely through the internet. Also, I didn't know you could back-up your templates. It makes sense that you could through blogger cuz you can on wordpress--but I'm going to have to do that now.

    And something that I hear from a lot of people that I wish I had done: make lots of "buffer pages" prepared and ready to post for when you have to go on half-year hiatus for whatever reason so you don't loose momentum.

    1. Oh, as long as a blogger has the actual time to do those "buffer pages" in advance, that is the greatest idea ever!