27 October 2011

Scandinavian Autumn - October in Norway

October in Norway is the time of the year when you can see all the colors of the seasons in a single day. This October, before the sun had caressed the yellow leaves, the sea fog came to visit and stayed a good 4 days. It made the forest peaceful and mystical - enwrapped in a thick white veil. The mist decorated the spiders webs with pearls of water drops,  the same drops that kept falling from the trees instead of the sky. Yes, the sky remained dry while the trees were crying. Scandinavian autumn!

The mist retired gracefully to allow the sun finish its job in painting the leaves and accompanying our farewells to warmer days. 

Come quietly with me through Pine Forest and along the coast, all the way to Oslo Fjord. Norway in October is stunning!

Taking note of the transformations in Nature as the seasons progress is one of the sides of living an ethical organic life. Getting to know what Nature has in store and peacefully coinciding with her rhythm nourishes respect and soothes our souls. With the seasons changes our mood; our inspiration takes leaps in different directions and we grow. Closer to Nature is closer to our own voice.

See how October looks in Iceland and on the Faroe islands.

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