26 April 2011

How To Grab Someone's Button

So, you have seen the beautiful squares on blog sidebars with the unreadable HTML code underneath and have read the blog authors' words encouraging you to GRAB THEIR BUTTON! But how can you do that? Here is an easy and fast step-by-step tutorial which will help you show the things that are important to you and strengthen your social contacts in Blog World.

HTML is the backbone of every blog and website, it lies behind each color, photo or any element you can think of on your blog. But thanks to blogging platforms such as Blogger, you don't need to know what that is in order to use it!

Now, imagine you are taking part in a Blog Hop which requires you to publish the badge for the period of the blog hop, or you want to host some blogger's button on your page. you can do this in 10 easy steps:

1. Go to the Design Tab of your Blogger page and click on Page Elements. As you have noticed, it is a representation of your actual blog page. You can add, remove and rearrange the page elements in order to customize your blog according to your taste. 

2. You want to place the button on your sidebar and not as a regular post, because you need it to stay on the front page for everyone to see. Then click on the Add Gadget option on the right sidebar.

3. When you find the HTML/Java Script gadget, which you actually need, just click on it and a small window will open, very similar to the one you get when you write your blog posts.

4. It is very important to see Rich Text on that window. It means that you are in the right mode for adding an HTML code.

5. Now go to the blog which holds the button you are interested in. Select and copy the html code under the button you want to use.

6. Then go back to the small window and paste the code. If you want to have a title, go ahead and write it. I chose not to have one and left the field empty.

On the left you can see the HTML code and on the right is how it actually looks. Press on Rich Text and Edit Html to switch between views.

7. Save the changes.

8. Take a look at the Page Elements tab. The latest gadget is at the top of the sidebar. Here again click on Save.

9. If you want to move the gadget, just click on it and hold to drag it to the position of your choice. 

10. Save again and off to enjoy your blog page!