02 October 2011

Welcome, September/October Sponsors - Part 2

Welcome to all new sponsors from Eco Etsy Team! This month we will continue to enjoy a lot of first-time eco-friendly and sustainable sponsors on Kanelstrand Organic Living.

Take a moment to check their online shops and blogs, you will be surprised by the diversity and talent you will see! Don't miss the discount codes they offer especially for Kanelstrand readers. I also encourage you to follow them on Twitter or Facebook to be the first to get information about discounts and sales directly from them.

Manilla Extract
I was born to a Filipino father and an American mother and raised in the American South, thus Manila Extract is more or less a play on words. I'm a little bit island girl and a little bit country all wrapped up with a southern drawl. I've lived most of my life in N.C. but after being married in Maui and many years of hard work, my husband and I made HI our home in 2008.

I bought my first Hawaiian coffee sack with intentions to frame it. Instead I made it into a handbag and I've been making them ever since. I get great satisfaction in promoting the local coffee farmers of Hawaii while repurposing and recycling Hawaiian coffee bags. The words and art displayed on these coffee sacks tell stories as well as perpetuate the history of Hawaiian grown coffee. Customers tell me they buy my handbags out of emotion, they bring back memories of family vacations, honeymoons and times spent in Hawaii - they bring to memory people’s 'life stories”♥.

Use coupon code HEARTME2011 to get 10% off your order.

Belle Terre
shop | blog | twitter | facebook

Belle Terre use only organic oils in their natural handcrafted soaps, lip balms and related products. They also use minimal and recycled packaging, and commit 5% of our sales to charity. All of this means you can enjoy our products with peace of mind, knowing that not only are they great for you, but they are also helping to create a cleaner and healthier world for everyone.

With coupon code GIVEAWAY15 you get 15% off your entire order.

Meadowmuffin Gardens
Meadow Muffin Gardens is a home based business evolved out of a love of gardening, books and self-sustainable living.  Remedies and recipes handed down and tucked away are revised or rekindled for home, personal and family care.  Holistic minded, eco-friendly skin and body care utilizing herbs, oils, vinegars, liniments and aromatherapy. Come, visit, enjoy!

Dustbin Cards
I create handmade OOAK greeting cards with found and discarded ephemera.  My goal is to provide you with a selection of unique,all occasion greeting cards. A mailable piece of art, that can then be reused by the recipient, if desired.  I hope you enjoy gifting your Dustbin Handmade Card as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Recycled Parts
Recycled Parts is an online business run by Jennifer Jagger in her home in Olympia, WA. Jennifer is a self taught artist and crafter that has been creating with recycled materials for the past 2 years. Each item is handmade individually by the artist. Recycled Parts' goal is to take items that would normally be slated for the landfill and give them a new and useful second life. Products are made of at least 80% recycled, up-cycled, reused, re-purposed, vintage and/or eco-friendly materials, while most are 100%.

Red or Gray Art
I am a redhead with a touch of gray hair .. my shop name! The pieces are gently created using repurposed stone . cloth . paper . wood offered to you from the earth, many pieces are one of a kind .. all are unique, which is the joy of handmade!

With coupon code REDORGRAY10 you get 10% off your entire order.

Dainty Hippo
shop | facebook
After spending many years in the stressors of academia and science, I burned out after graduating college a few short years ago. Since then, I've taken the time to pursue the more creative aspects of myself that had been squelched for years. My mother bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and that unleashed my obsession for creation.

I love sewing and actually prefer to make things for myself than buy them in stores. I've become obsessed with using recycled materials in my work. For example, I saw a bunch of old battered vintage school books about to be throw out. I loved the paper and wanted to give the books a new home. That began the vintage book flower line in my shop. I make other accessories and home decor items using other materials as well and am constantly inspired with new ideas to expand my brand.

shop | blog | twitter | facebook
Myra is the Chief Makeup Developer and owner of HerbanLuxe. She learned how to craft makeup while growing up in Puerto Rico with the guidance of her abuela who was an herbalist. She grew up in an environment where everything we needed could be gotten from the backyard, literally – including makeup. About 10 years ago it became a business. In 2007,  she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show as a finalist in her search for the next big idea.  In 2009 she sold her business AND NOW caters to her favorite group of people, savvy Etsy shoppers who appreciate all that goes into making anything handmade.

GreenBeauty20 gives you 25% off your entire order exp. October 15th.

Recupe Fashion
shop | blog | twitter | facebook
I take unwanted material and turn into new and beautiful items. I love to create upcycled gifts and accessories from something that would otherwise end up in the unwanted bin. It's my way of recycling.

Coupon code KANEL10 gives you 10% off your entire order.

Anny May
shop | blog | twitter | facebook
AnnyMay is a French Fashion Designer. She create eco friendly clothing and exclusive knitted accessories. She love working with bamboo, soya, organic cotton and hemp fabric. All items are carefully handmade in her studio. Her website and her studio is the only place where her work is shown. Buy directly from an independent Canadian artist and discover the luxury of natural fibers.

Coupon code KANEL10 gives you 10% off your entire order.

Betsy & Bess
shop | twitter | facebook
Eco friendly purses, handbags, and accessories, made from repurposed, upcycled, and recycled materials, down to the zippers, buttons, and pockets. Nothing goes to waste!

With coupon code KANELSTRAND you get 10% off your entire order.

Hapee Monkee
shop | blog | twitter | facebook

This is a visual-candy store that offers glossy postcards and unique still life, landscape, food & travel photography. I hope it gives you and your home joy & happiness. The photos are perfect as gifts to friends & family or just for you because they invite you to 'come and see beauty in every day events'.
With coupon code BEHAPPEE2011 you get 10% off your entire order. 
Thank you all amazing Kanelstrand sponsors for another month of creative collaboration and generous discounts! All of the funds raised by the ads go back into spreading the word about handmade and green living, and promoting the Kanelstrand blog.   


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