08 October 2011

Weekend DIY: 10 Projects for Amazing Fall Wreaths

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No matter whether you call it Fall or Autumn - it is the most amazing of seasons. Get inspired by the trees outside or even use their leaves to make unique artful wreaths for your front door or to hang them inside.

  1. $10 Fall Wreath by Chanty 2 Chic
  2. Acorn Wreath by Little Things Bring Smiles
  3. Fall Pom-Pom Wreath by Nature's Heirloom
  4. The repurposed wreath by Stone Gable
  5. Fall Wreath by Kuzak's Closet
  6. Fall Wreath by Miss Fancy Pants
  7. Fall Wreath by Lauren's Creative
  8. Plump Fall Wreath by Crafty Sisters
  9. Paper Plates and Cookie Sprinkles Wreath by Blue Sky Confections
  10. Simple Fall Front Porch by The Gathering Place Design


  1. Fanatstic ideas and all in one place.Thank you;)

  2. cool idea, tough choice! I hope you had luck with identifying the mushrooms, after all I asked mom over the net and she managed to tell me a few species:))

  3. Great collection, thank you so much! Look at that pom-poms!

  4. Oh, Magda, do tell! I don't have much progress in fact.

  5. ooh pretty! I am working on some new wreath projects myself!

  6. So pretty! Love #2 & #3 especially!

    I love a wreath on the front door for a great "pop" of color!

  7. Ooh, these are all beautiful!!

  8. What gorgeous wreaths! I particularly love 3, 4, 8, 9 and 10. (Yes, that's half... but I couldn't narrow it down! ;) Great finds!

  9. Gorgeous wreaths! I love 2,4,& 9. A wreath is the perfect additions to my favorite season. Thanks for sharing!]
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